We employ as much forward thinking as possible to ensure futureproofing, flexibility and creativity in fitout and finish. Browse through our most frequently asked questions below to see if they help answer any of your queries.

What are the timescales for delivery of Wintech Modular building?

Depending on the project, delivery time is ranges from 6 – 12 weeks which is about as close to on-demand as you can get in the construction world. This is a huge saving on time from a traditional build which has a turn around time of anything from 12 – 36 weeks. Your modular build can be already earning its return on investment whilst traditional builds will just be starting the foundations. Wintech Modular building solutions can be planned (almost!) to the day so you keep control of your completion date and make sure you know exactly what is happening.

Where are the savings to be made in modular building?

Savings in time translates to exponential financial savings on labour, repeated site visits, supervision, disruption to business and minimal project management charges. Your engineering, build and design is all under one roof and we commission and test as we go along before installation so lessening the risk of problems and operational issues in real time. With a lower cost, the saving of time and interruption to your business there are many advantages to having a modular building.

What skills are involved in a modular building?

Our skills are in-house on our team, we have designers, engineers, joiners and builders working on modular buildings every single day. Given the nature of modular building we can keep a great skill set together without having it dispersed on different sites which prevents causing delays. We are all working under the same roof together in the same conditions. Our learnings and improvements are fed back and are always shared between us on site to be incorporated in improving our manufacturing process everyday. At Wintech we bring together the best in traditional building techniques, the latest developments of modern manufacturing and world class project management to deliver your modular building which will serve you for many (guaranteed) years.

Who will coordinate all the tradesmen and sort the timetable?

We plan our project to the deadline and have our key tradesmen ready to start their part of the build during the manufacturing process. All of the various components of the build can be worked on at the same time. We don’t have to wait for the floor to be finished before we go to build the walls, the walls to build the roof and then the fittings etc. By different pieces of the build being worked on at the same time the project has less delays than a regular build and we know when each step will be completed

We have combined skills working together. In modular building the design, build and engineering are not all separate skills working in separate buildings and even organisations – we are working as one, together and the skills are inherent in the manufacture.

What if the weather is bad?

Modular Building pretty much eliminates all the weather risks. With a traditional building or extension weather is one of the biggest delaying factors with it preventing all stages of the build like how rain can effect setting the foundations. As all our stages are constructed inside our factory and because of this controlled, dry and consistent environment there is not a risk of damp, rain or high levels of moisture being trapped into the build. With a controlled environment for fabrication you are virtually eliminating weather risks, the weather worry is literally limited to transport and installation day.

I am concerned about damp and insulation?

Wintech Modular Building Solutions offer superior thermal, damp and cold resistance when compared to traditional building materials. We make the most suitable decisions when picking materials to keep your build dry and insulated so there is less of a risk that it will get damp compared to a traditional build.

Our site is really hard to reach?

Hard to reach sites are perfect for everything modular has to offer. Aside from the obvious labour, supervision and travel costs which are minimised as manufacturing and initial commissioning is done right here in our factory. Modular is great in remote, rural and woodland areas where conventional construction is not possible, reasonable and would be financially unviable with traditional build. With a traditional build monthly, weekly if not daily deliveries of materials have to be delivered to the hard to reach places with a modular building it is just a one time delivery. We will be more than happy to discuss delivery to a hard to reach location with you as part of the process.

What if we get it wrong?

Unlike the aspects of traditional build, a new build is never our first rodeo. Every time we build another modular project you get the experience, learnings and all of our improvements from everything we have done over the decades. We continuously improve our buying, manufacture, design and engineering to solve anything that comes our way. Materials alone are employed for maximum efficiency including timber, plasterboard, concrete, bricks, and cement so the build will be the most suitable it can be for your site.

I know I want to add something on next year?

One of the best things about modular buildings is you can add to modular and grow throughout the years. You can plan to add to a building in the future and extend on what you already have with more parts. Wintech Modular really allows you build today with tomorrow in mind.

Who inspects the building?

Wintech Modular buildings go through the same 3rd party inspections and quality checks as any traditional build projects so you can be at ease knowing it will be just as safe. Because of their factory build here at Wintech we can employ the best of traditional build at installation with the best in modern manufacturing. We have been at the forefront of innovation and have created our own manufacturing methods for many parts of construction. This includes building our bespoke and unique washroom and shower flooring systems.

I’m not sure I like the aesthetic look of modular?

For some people the aesthetics of a portable/modular building put them off as they are expecting a bleak box with a window and a door. Modular buildings really have many options available and can look however you wish them to. With various paint finishing and cladding options Wintech Modular can offer total flexibility to adapt to external surroundings and existing structures. With thought to the landscaping and approach and access you can give a thought out permanent attractive presence.

There are so many different options available internally and externally that your project is fully customisable and can have a completely unique look.

How soon can we see a return on investment?

We can look at 6-12 weeks to completion timescales including ground prep, manufacture and on site work. Wintech Modular offer timescales and programmes that traditional build can only dream of, your modular building can already be earning you a great return on investment 3 months ahead of any possible traditional build completion date. Time is money and it’s just better spent in modular building.