Bespoke Modular Buildings

Every site has different requirements. Our Bespoke Modular Buildings will meet these requirements and provide exactly what you need.

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Bespoke modular buildings 

From the start of an enquiry we begin with a blank sheet of paper. This blank start means all the details of the build are chosen by you to your exact requirements and specifications. This includes size, shape, colour, budget, quality/amount of fittings, internal and external finishes, specific needs eg. sloping floors, DDA ramps, and any other necessary requirements. 

We work in partnership with you throughout the project, and particularly during the initial stages. Our skilled team are extremely experienced in designing innovative yet practical solutions to turn your ideas and  concepts into reality and can advise and guide you throughout the process. 

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Modular Buildings designed to offer true flexibility.
Built to your exact specifications.

The Highest Quality Solutions

Providing modern high quality solutions for leisure, education, construction, commercial and domestic sectors, all our products are built to UK standards with the best quality products. Decisions on materials, layout and constructions methods are all chosen to create a product which is long lasting and will remain an attractive building for years to come. Durability is one of the most significant factors we consider when choosing the right materials.

We make sure that our buildings serve the most cost effective and flexible way to meet the spatial requirements of the client. When it comes to designing your bespoke buildings every detail has a vast array of options available. Whether these options are specialised soundproofing or sedum roof systems we can procure and install whatever you require. By honing past construction methods with our years of experience we are able to adapt to the needs of your tailor-made building.

The external finish of your building can be clad to suit its environment, blend in to existing structures or stand out with an eye catching exterior. We believe that innovative and practical designs are key to manufacturing superb buildings ensuring a minimum lifespan of 20 years.

Modular Construction Modern methods of ConstructionSustainable Building Construction
Modern Methods of Construction Modular Construction Sustainable Construction

Customer Determined Modular Buildings

Many companies provide off the shelf modular buildings which are restraining and don’t let the customer determine the layout or the fit of their building. To counter this all of our buildings are totally exclusive, none are built the same as another unless it is a clients requirement. An exclusive building means it can fit the site perfectly and be laid out in an efficient and attractive layout. By prefabricating the bespoke modular buildings at our works, the progress can be monitored by the client ensuring they are happy with every stage of the build and allowing for alterations along the way.

The bespoke aspect of our business is not just limited to design and manufacture, it also comes with the delivery of the unit. We sub contract our haulage and cranage teams who specialise in various conditions to suit individual sites where accessibility is difficult. The location of the building can be as unique and beautiful as the building itself. With years of outstanding service and knowledge we will construct buildings that will exceed your expectations. They will be tailored to meet the finest details of your specifications.