Modular Office Buildings

Our modular office buildings range from portable offices and workshops to pre-fabricated modular office building solutions for the commercial sector.

Modular Offices
portable offices, Workshops and pre-fabricated buildings

MOdular Offices

Pre-fabricated modular office buildings are a cost-effective solution to the space needs of any business. Whether it's for a back garden office or an onsite multi-room facility, optimisation is key. These modular office buildings are a cost-effective, productivity-boosting solution.

The flexibility of the portable modular / pre-fabricated concept has greater benefits than mainstream construction and can be far more than simply a wooden box with a door and window and the modular structure can be as small or large as you like based on what permits you have. 

If you're interested in a modular office solution, it's time to investigate the options you have available.

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Case Studies

We're proud to have worked on a wide & varied range of projects for our customers.

Our 5 Step process

If you have information about your site and requirements, you can use our 5 Step process to take you through the initial planning stage. See your ideal modular facility laid out at pre-defined sizes or request a bespoke building built to your exact measurements.

With advice and guidance along the way, the Wintech 5 step process will help start the process of achieving your modular building.