Bespoke Modular Buildings

  • 1 Building Spec, Site & Situation
  • 2 Users & Demand
  • 3 External Finish
  • 4 Internal Finish
  • 5 The Wintech Promise

Building Spec, Site and Situation

The very first step deals with the basics of site, size and services for your consideration.

Your details Required

Tell us a bit about your chosen site

Is your site rural, industrial, commercial, school, woodland.

Have you got any site drawings, specs or indeed site photos to help us build the best picture we can to give you the very best advice.

The site is really important, as it is the home for your bespoke modular project. Let us know any details you have.

Where is your site located?

Where is your modular building going to be situated? Share with us the postcode or address of where you want to have your bespoke modular building to be.

Do you know what space (footprint) your building will occupy?

Where is your modular building going to be situated? Share with us the postcode or address of where you want to have your bespoke modular building to be.

All our buildings are bespoke but to guide you buildings from 3m wide and up to 12 metres long and 3m high (or 3.5 with an apex roof) are subject to standard structural engineering calculations so we would always advise that wherever possible you work within these building dimensions.

However, we all know life doesn't always work to plan and we have built buildings of every configuration hence our "bespoke" tagline.

Please Note: Obtaining local authority planning permission is required. If you need help with this, please let us know.

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Services - Heating, Lighting and Power

Electricity will power your lights and sockets but have you enough to power your heating and hot water too?

Our general rule of thumb is that more than 2 showers needs a big electricity supply and we recommend a 3-phase electricity supply to ensure that you can run at capacity. Don’t risk complaints about hot water and the stress of issues with failing electrics as the user experience.

A popular alternative to installing 3-phase is to go with LPG for your hot water and heating, keeping your small electricity supply for lighting and sockets. 2 bottles of LPG are made available with automated change over valves fitted as standard so there is no risk of running out of gas. When one bottle is empty it automatically switches to the other bottle and it is quite clear when this takes place and the empty bottle can simply be removed and replaced.

Mains gas is always an option but to get it to supply the building usually means dealing with utility companies to organise providing service to the plot and their huge associated costs for this often makes this prohibitive.

We would need water supply and draining system to connect to on installation.

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Site Access

Issues to consider for installation of a Wintech Modular Building - we will go through all this on a site visit but here is a quick checklist for assessing your access.

Issues to consider for installation of a modular build:

  • How accessible is the proposed site?
  • Are there overhead lines?
  • Are there trees overhead?
  • Are there any sharp bends or narrow, light bridges en-route or indeed on site?
  • Entrance size?
  • Ground conditions - including the time of year the work is being completed. Trackway is expensive but you do need to consider if it needs to be used.
  • Will there be the need to travel on pavement slabs - the weight of the lorries breaks them so the use of pavements needs to be avoided if at all possible.
  • Will the use of a crane be required - again we cannot put a crane on a pavement.
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Users to Raving Fans

Every step a visitor, guest, employee or student takes on your property and the facilities they use whilst they are there is a reflection on you. How do you show up while they are going about their business? Building toilets, showers and washrooms to give a wow is just great business. Let the Wintech Way guide you to building modular toilet and shower facilities and campsite toilet blocks that turn your users to raving fans!

For employees working in your business a well thought out toilet and changing area can do wonders for morale, help individuals to literally show up at their best so the provision of the bathroom facilities can be a big morale boost for people to take pride in their turnout and presentation. Once they are installed they can work for you everyday. Helping your team members take pride in their appearance to ensure they wear their best smile out on the shop floor is really important. Take time to consider the room heating, lighting, mirrors and space employed to create great facilities and raving fans!

Users & Demand


What numbers of facilities do you need to deliver a great experience, create raving fans and have a facility to be proud of.

Once you know your ideal ratios you can start looking at proposed layouts. Flexibility here is a great trait to exhibit at the design stage as there are so many configurations available depending on which route you choose to follow. With a Wintech modular toilet block where you are separating the sexes you have walls rather than cubicle walling. Here is a recent case study we completed for a campsite owner considering his new campsite toilet block:

The original request was for 2 ladies toilets, 1 ladies’ shower, 1 gents toilet, 1 urinal, 1 gents shower and a DDA wet room (including toilet and shower). Wintech created an alternative plan of 2 unisex wet rooms and a DDA wet room. The benefits of this advise included:

  • A saving of 3 meters in length of building
  • A saving of 20% in investment
  • More superior facilities as the end users have an individual private room rather than the cubicle arrangement.
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Demand of Facilities

As well as knowing the ratios advice give consideration to what the demand for the facilities at peak times and the general use throughout the day.

For example for employers this may mean looking at provision at shift rotation with people coming and going to work and needing to use the washroom facilities at the same time. For a campsite the issue might be can the proposed hot water fill demand at the busy teatime period so your raving fans get a hot shower on demand? Time spent discussing and deciding your options now will make sure that you are ahead of the game and not suffering from “saving” regret for the lifetime of your investment … “If only we had invested in...” is not what you want to feel – we can work together to future stress-proof your investment. Let Wintech Modular Products guide you in your decision making process, your numbers and your raving fans are important to us!

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External Finish

It is really important to take some time to look at the best possible fit for the environment where the unit is being installed. Wintech modular build is all bespoke and the finish is no exception. Your building needs to fit in and work with its environment. Local planning laws may be in force that you need to consider if you are in a rural area or an area of outstanding natural beauty so check out your local regulations and guidelines.

External Finish

Accessing the Facilities

How will users access the facilities, consider use of ramps, steps and stairs. There are lots of ways to enhance the aesthetic of your bespoke modular build with careful thought to the access points.

We can talk these through with you so you get the very best looking and functioning facility for your visitors’ needs.


To enable us to give you a ballpark figure for investment costs we offer 3 standard finishing styles for you.

Each external system offers their own colour choices and great warranties:

  • Plastisol
  • Timber Cladding
  • Anti-Vandal
  • Brick & Stone Slip
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Building Skirt

This is the exterior finish around the base of the building at ground level hiding the foundation pads.

Often a forgotten element but this is the exterior finish around the base of the building at ground level hiding the foundation pads and needs careful consideration in relation to pipework and any external decking. Do you need a skirt on your building and if so how can we choose something to enhance the finish of your lovely new building?

External Lighting

What external lighting is required for aesthetics and for visitors to safely and enjoyably use your modular facility?

Roof - Pitch or Mono

For small buildings of up 2m ² square generally a flat roof will suffice but for larger buildings you have the opportunity to enhance your building with an Apex roof.

As a guide this will take the finished height of a standard modular building from 3m to 3.5m. Again your site and situation will help you decide on the best aesthetic fit for your unique project.

External Doors and Windows

Our standard external door is metal and the finish compliments the cladding and external finish chosen.

Our standard Wintech windows are double glazed UPVC with obscure glass in toilets and showers as standard.

Internal Fitout

Our facilities are built to deliver quality finish and aesthetics. Generally the most pleasing result is with a linear design which gives the best finish as all services, plumbing and pipework is contained along the back wall. But Wintech modular is flexible and can be built to your unique situation.

With modern lighting and complimentary bathroom fitting and furniture your restroom can really offer a moment of quiet repose for your visitors to refresh and revive.

Internal Fitout

General Approach

For those in the campsite and leisure market your shower and toilet blocks are your 24/7 ambassador and where you get your raving fans from – make sure you don’t short change them or yourself.

Not sure what they are looking for – take a quick look at Tripadvisor and you will soon have a full list of their ideas of hell which gives you the perfect opportunity to take them on journey to heaven when they stay with you – whatever the weather!

Customers are quick to identify shortcomings and disappointment but they are also more than happy to promote great service and facilities – is what you are proposing to invest going to fulfil your feedback requirements.

On a practical level the Wintech Way considers the future maintenance and cleaning considerations at every stage of the design process. All our recommended products and materials are proven to work and uphold their performance over many years of great service and high usage. All our suggested finishing and surfaces offer a wide range of colour schemes and complimentary decoration. Mirrors and lighting should also have careful consideration.

For internal walls of the structure we recommend and base our quotes to you on vinyl based plasterboard. For the shower and wet rooms we include the amazingly bulletproof laminated resin board, a solid grade laminate. This solid grade laminate is bullet proof and can be used throughout if vandalism is an issue for you.

Have any more questions – just let us know we are more than happy to discuss what the best materials are for your specific project.

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Our standard installations are white porcelain and wall mounted.

Don’t miss out on personalising the area with vanity units, mirrors and lighting to compliment the users experience.


Our standard installations are white porcelain and floor mounted.

Wall mounted toilets are popular especially where sterility or cleanliness are of paramount importance as they offer the edge in cleanliness for obvious reasons. However, if you are considering wall mounted toilets we do need to add extra support to the weightbearing wall – so you need to decide quite early on in the game to keep a handle on your budget.

For cubicles we supply melamime faced chipboard as standard for toilet walling and toilet doors. The almost bullet proof and totally water proof resin board is available if required. Full colour choice is available with complimentary shading on divide to help the visually impaired.

For toilets and general areas we quote on polysafe flooring as standard. It gives years of great service, cleanable, hygienic with a great finish coving up the skirting wall with no gaps.

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The first thing you need to make decision on, as this effects everything else is whether you are having a wall in between showers or a cubicle. With a wall each shower has its own Wintech Sloping Floor System and drain so neighbouring water does not encroach into another shower area.

With the cubicle arrangement each has its own drain but it is in effect a shared floor with the other cubicles. The threat of water from neighbouring showers may be an issue for you or not.

Walls are laminate shower board as standard with cubicle walling and doors in laminated resin all with full colour choice available. Where a totally smooth line is required from floor to wall we offer a specialised welded finish. This welded effect comes into its own in a sterile or clean room environments. Literally the wall and floor are welded together giving a totally clean joint. One thing to consider is whether it will be subject to extreme low temperatures, for instance if you shut down your shower block in the winter season you will need to keep the building at a minimum temperature to prevent risk of the weld splitting. Think about the little extras that can really enhance the customer experience. Would lockers be useful? Have you allowed space for shelves and hooks for towels and coats.

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Wetrooms and shower cubicles are fitted with Poly Hydro as standard which gives enhanced anti slip protection and comfort of use if there was ever an occasion of water pooling on the floor.

Sloping floors are built as standard with our unique anti-pooling, anti-slip flooring for maximum underfoot comfort guaranteed.

Lighting & Extraction Fans

We use an advanced and reliable PIR lighting system which offers automated lighting throughout the block.

Fitted as standard and wired to work in line with the PIR lighting are our 4” Extraction fan in each shower area.

If preferred traditional switches are also available.


Included as standard are our 2kW down-flow heater c/w adjustable thermostat in each room.

If gas is being used to provide heat and water then heating could be via radiators.


It goes as standard that all our recommended products and materials are proven to work and keep their looks and aesthetic appeal for many years. For all our sinks and water we use the Krimpfit pipework system.

After many years of experience the Krimpfit system provides the quality levels we strive for, it looks good, is tamper and vandal proof and stands the test of time.

Where pipework is exposed we use chrome and we switch to copper in the plant room and under vanity units which keeps the finished look high quality while keeping an eye on the bottom line to offer the best value for you money for your investment. Chrome is available throughout and copper is available throughout if cost savings are needed but it does tarnish and this is for you to consider for your ongoing maintenance and aesthetic look.

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Waste Management

The unmentionables are our thing! We use solvent welded and seals are glued making them truly fit for purpose and totally safe from any tampering!

Externally our buildings can be connected to mains or septic tank and our standard quote is based on being ready to couple up direct to your services at the point of entry to the building.

Additional Requirements

Are there any other facilities that the building needs to provide, perhaps lockers or changing cubicles.

If you are buying for a campsite you might like to consider provision for laundry or wash up whether that is included now or later.

To ensure your guarantees and warranties are not compromised or made invalid because you add on extra demands, for example a wash up facility is added on and this increases the demands of the boiler from what it was initially installed for. It is worth taking time to discuss your forthcoming investment plans with our experts so we can help you maximise your return on investment now and in the coming years.

The Wintech Promise

Post installation we hand to you a complete Operations and Maintenance Manual which walks you through care, cleaning and maintenance of every area of your new building. If required we offer longer term on-going maintenance and care for you various levels available.


We build to an extremely high durability index and stand by our product which we guarantee will stand up to the job you commissioned it for.

We offer warranties and guarantees for up to 20 and even 30 years for some parts and products we use. We are here on site to answer questions or provide service contracts for our buildings as required by you.

Commissioning / Pre-Delivery Testing

Once built before the building leaves site we go through our full, rigorous commissioning routines to test all the facilities, manufacture and products used in your building.


Wintech offer various warranty options:

  • One year product warranty
    This covers any defect to the whole building other than defects that are caused as a result of abuse or accidental damage.
  • Five year product warranty
    This covers the general external finishes of the building which include roof panels, wall panels and windows.

    The internal finishes of the building which includes the internal floor, ceiling and wall finishes along with all internal fixtures and fittings not covered under this warranty but are included in the twelve month product warranty. This warranty will be deemed void if excess usage or abuse of items is in excess of that which was advised or implied at the time of purchase.
  • Twenty year structural warranty
    This covers the structural steel components of the building. This includes the steel Columns, Side Runners, Floor joists and Lattice Roof Beams, the Timber Roof Joints are also covered as part of this warranty. The warranty is only valid if the building has been maintained over this period. Environmental damage may occur if the structural components have not been appropriately maintained.

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