Bethel Church Annex

The Brief 

The client requried a nib wall to join a dwarf wall in order to create an annex for use as both a religious and lesiure facility. 

The Concept 

An 8 bay Modular annex consisting of 6 bays at 40 x 10ft and 2 bays at 32 x 10ft was built out of steel box sections to make it structurally sound and clad either side, capped with solid oak to match the internal door. 

The Results 

A spacious, structurally sound annex that is sympathetic to the surrounding areas provides additional space for multi-purpose use. 


Bethel Church

Completion Date

6 bays 40 x 10ft, 2 bays 32 x 10ft

External Cladding



The church annex is contained 1 large activity area, 1 small room, 1 lounge area, kitchen and toilet facilities including male, female & universal access.

Fire Shutters

The serving hatches within the kitchen area were fitted with automated fire shutters to protect the other areas of the build should an unanticipated fire scenario occur.