Pembrokeshire Campsite Facilities

The Brief

A unisex toilet and shower block was required for a rural campsite in Pembrokeshire, Wales. 

The Solution 

A custom designed  toilet and shower unit was built and installed on the farm in St David's. The amenity block consisted of 2 unisex toilets, a washbasin and shower rooms.

The Result

With a timber cladding finish, wit PIR activated lighting, the amenity block provides a safe, secure and warm washroom experience.


Pembrokeshire, Wales

Completion Date


Caerfai Farm

Warranty Cladding

The cabin was finished externally in a timber cladding with a 20 year warranty with painted steel doors with a lift and lock indication system to show occupancy. The roof has a rubber membrane with a 15 year warranty.

Commercial Grade Anti-slip Vinyl Cap

The building has a white vinyl faced plasterboard ceiling with magnolia vinyl faced plasterboard to the toilet and washbasin area and white laminated panels in the shower area. The floor covering is of a commercial grade anti-slip vinyl cap and coved with the floor sloping to the shower drain.