Cladding your modular build

The external finish to your modular investment is a really important area and you should give considerable thought to the approach, access, landscaping and all around visual appeal of your investment so it works for you day in and day out to create those all important raving fans!

All our Wintech modular builds are bespoke and the finish is no exception. We produce an external finish to suit your specific needs from Anti-Vandal, Plastisol, Timber Cladding and even Brick and Stone Slip Finish. All offer great warranties and colour schemes, to give quick overview here are the 4 main type:

Anti Vandal

Just as it says really!   Your building will be steel clad with additional steel panels welded into the steel frame. The panels themselves can be either flat or pressed to a desired profile as per the design of your building. The steel itself is either pre-galvanised (giving an enhanced level of corrosion resistance) or bare steel both of which can be painted to meet your requirements.


Plastisol is a PVC paint covering that dries to a smooth, durable coating. You get all the strength and longevity of galvanised steel with coating that’s incredibly versatile and stylish.   First, steel sheet is bathed in a hot bath of zinc, which toughens it against moisture and the elements. This process is galvanising and it’s what gives us galvanised steel with a coating that is incredibly versatile, stylish and tough making it a very popular finish. Next, the 200-micron PVC paint, Plastisol, is applied to the metal surface in its liquid form. The outer plastic coating combined with the galvanisation produces a material that is equipped to resist the elements and any resulting corrosion. Top of Form

Timber Cladding

Modular buildings are already the clear winner in the environmentally friendly stakes but adding a timber cladding can add to that with a great look too! A timber clad can make your modular building blend in to a woodland, rural or environmental setting. In more urban areas it can bring a contrast or more natural look to an innercity educational or commercial site

The warmth of the “log cabin” effect should not be overlooked and it is a great finish to consider for any customer facing reception, sales suite, washrooms.

We can stain or paint the cladding or allow simply the timber to go through its own natural process of weathering. Environmentally Friendly Timber is a naturally renewable resource, a minimal amount of non-renewable fossil fuels is required to produce timber compared to other construction materials.

Brick/Stone Slips

Brick or stone slips still remain an ever popular building finishes. We are able to offer this to match the finish of the existing site or used in conjunction with timber to create a contemporary look.   We use real brick and stone so over the years the finish weathers naturally as with a traditional build.