H&S Constructionline and CHAS annual renewals

We are excited to announce that we have passed both the annual H&S Constructionline and CHAS renewals. We are proud that we have passed these Accreditations as this helps us show our dedication towards health and safety in the construction and modular building industry. These accreditations ensures you can be confident in the work we are undertaking. Not only have we completed the accreditation we have been awarded premium plus status which is reserved for companies that take their commitments beyond the basic level, in order to achieve this we have shown our high standards in environment, diversity and safety.

CHAS certificate 2022


To retain this high level status, we have passed our 12-month reassessment. An independent body has examined us, our working methods and risk assessments to see that we are focused on the health and safety of our clients and our team.

The Contractors Health and Safety Assessment Scheme (CHAS) was created by experienced health and safety professionals in 1997 to improve health and safety standards in the UK. The certification assists buyers and suppliers in the process of health and safety competence assessment. It also means we means that we no longer must do health and safety assessments for every individual job, our clients can have the confidence with this accreditation that we have everything already in place. It also means that you, our client, can benefit from standardised health and safety contractor assessments saving us both hours of filling in forms. You can view our certificate here.



Constructionline Certificate 2022

To follow on from this good news we are also pleased that we have retained our Constructionline certification after 12 months.

Constructionline is one of the UK’s leading procurement and supply chain management service that collects, assesses, and monitors company information. This certification helps to show our clients that we are suitably qualified contractors with them spending less time and resources finding a qualified company. It shows we meet government standards for construction, and it helps our buyers achieve more sustainable procurement. It is ideal for companies like us and other SME’s show that they are qualified for work.

This is achieved through a question set that is aligned to PAS 91, the standardised pre-qualification questionnaire developed by BSI to reduce duplication within the construction industry. This helps buyers identify suitably qualified contractors with less time and resources while helping to achieve more sustainable procurement and encouraging more suppliers (particularly SMEs) to apply for work by simplifying the tendering process.

We are delighted to be accredited with Constructionline’s Silver Certification which shows our ongoing commitment to continual improvement as we keep growing our company. We are committed to providing an exceptional approach in Health and Safety, Sustainability, Quality Procedures and Performance. You can view our certificate here.

If you would like to discuss this further with us please feel free to call our sales team on 01302 759447 or email us at sales@wintechmodular.co.uk