Our 60-tonne crane

We are pleased to announce our 60-tonne crane has just passed its annual inspection after another busy year!

Taking care of all of our equipment, tools and machinery is very important to us here at Wintech Modular Projects. This list includes our 60-tonne crane which we are pleased to announce has just passed its annual inspection after another busy year! Passing its annual inspection shows our dedication to the safety of all staff on our site and our pride at keeping everything up to standard. Our crane undergoes a mandatory annual inspection to ensure it is in a safe condition allowing for daily operations to continue as usual. We always make sure that it will pass by maintaining the equipment, so it is in the best condition. This year we are even happier than normal as we have passed with no advisories, this means we can keep using our crane to load and unload modular buildings on site here in Doncaster.

Our 60-tonne crane is one of the biggest and most essential pieces of equipment that we regularly use. The crane allows us to load our custom-built modular cabins on to transport. All the bespoke modular buildings are constructed with care and to the highest quality in a controlled environment. They are something our clients can be proud of therefore our crane is important in continuing the process by enabling us to load these cabins safely for transportation across the UK. With a qualified team working alongside our crane no prefabricated cabin departure is ever an issue. Not only is the crane important in the loading of new modular buildings but we use it to offload cabins that we refurbish for our clients. Refurbishing worn down units to give them a new lease of life is another major aspect of what we do at Wintech. Find out more about modular refurbishment here.

We make sure our commitment to keeping the crane in top condition translates over to the rest of our vehicles and our machinery. We place huge significance on the condition and upkeep of all equipment including our forklifts. Through our commitment towards keeping all our machinery and tools in the best condition, we can continue the efficient process of manufacturing and fabricating modular buildings and producing them to the highest quality. All our clients can feel assured that their modular building will be a high quality and bespoke solution for all their needs.

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to us we would be happy to discuss anything modular with you. We are always happy to talk with people about the services that we can offer.