Wintech Ratios

How many toilets do you need to have – here is a guide to minimum numbers for the most popular sectors that we build toilet and shower blocks for:

Camping and Caravan Sites 

As a brief guide Toilets should be adequately spaced.

For sites with up to 120 pitches, there should be 2 toilet facilities for women, 1 toilet facility and 1 urinal for men, per 30 pitches.

Depending on your local council regulations, you may be required to provide these facilities per 20 or even 10 pitches

For a more full guide see our separate article on just this subject:


For women only or for mixed-use, there should be 1 toilet and washbasin for 1-5 employees.

The number of toilets and washbasins then rises according to the total staff. For example, 25-50 staff should have 3 toilets and 3 washbasins between them.  76-100 employees should have 5 toilets and 5 washbasins.

For men only, there should be 1 toilet and 1 urinal for 1-15 employees. This rises to 2 toilets and 1 urinal for 16-30 staff, and 4 toilets and 4 urinals for 91-100 staff.


Dimensions for DDA Wetrooms are 2.4m wide and 2.5 m long. For a DDA WC the measurements are 1.5m wide and 2.2m long. As a minimum, under the law, an employer must provide suitable facilities for disabled staff. However for proper care and engagement it is really important that we make sure that disabled workers have toilets and washing facilities that meet their needs. Large cubicles with supports and low hand basins are essential, low mirrors etc… thought and care will get you there. 


Always worth checking your local authority’s own guidelines but to summarise for school as a guide

Under 5           1 toilet and one washbasin for every 10 pupils

5 – 11              1 toilet and one washbasin for every 20 pupils

Over 11           1 toilet for every 20 pupils, washbasins may be reduced where facilities are shared